Pilates Reformer Training & Sports Therapy


Become empowered and discover your inner strength. Transform your mind and body, increase stamina, improve your health and achieve a new and exciting physical well being. Your body will totally transform from the inside out. Your posture will improve, your abdominals, back and buttocks will strengthen and become more visibily toned, and your arms and legs will become leaner. Your energy level will dramatically increase. Chronic back pain and other debilitating physical ailments will decrease significantly as your range of motion and mobility improves. People around you will notice a substantial difference in your overall appearance.

At American Muscle we offer many options in Pilates. We offer Pilates mat class, Pilates Reformer Class, as well as our Private one on one Reformer Sessions and semi private duet options. We excel in our Personal Training Program by incorporating Reformer Sessions into each individuals program in some way. We believe that your body and mind cannot truly ``change`` without the balancing out of body and mind that can only be achieved thru our Pilates Reformer experience.

Although our Pilates program continues to grow in demand and popularity, the spirit remains humble. This spirit is reflected in our core beliefs. Our commitment to the integrity of the method, in the way we organize our Personal Training programs, and our inspiring and motivating teaching method. Experience personalized attention, and a new connection to oneself.

Sessions are both calm and balancing and yet vigorous and sometimes sweaty. Our Pilates program is led by the most gifted and talented Pilates Trainer I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, Ms. Jeannie Brady. We are humbled to have her gifted experience and knowledge that is changing the bodies and lives of all who train with her.